The Island of Vis

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Island of Vis, Southern Dalmatia, Croatia
The most accentuated Adriatic island Vis was considered a jewel, and on the foundations of their settlement is found today’s towns of Komiža and Vis. So on the place of today’s town Vis, the Syracuse tyrant Dionysius in the first half of the 4th century BC founded the colony of Issa, that soon became the most important Greek city in the Adriatic. But, after the civil war between Cesar and Pompei the town was degraded and began to lose its importance. During the second world war here there was an important allied base and in 1945 it was assigned to the Yugoslavian navy, which was stationed there up until 1989. In that period tourists were forbidden entry so the island kept its original charm and beauty. Many couldn’t wait for the island of Vis to be opened to the public, given that here is a natural oasis of peace, beautiful nature and rich marine life. The town of Vis, the main harbour on the island with a large number of summer houses of the Hvar nobility and four towers among them the most beautiful, elegant Perasti tower, is popular among artists. It isn’t surprising given that the town of Vis has quiet stone streets, beautiful mediterranean architecture and picturesque small squares, in which in the summer, in corners, in an intimate atmosphere, are held a large number of theatre and musical evenings. In the somewhat livelier Luka, yachts and small boats anchor, filling the cafes and offering a bubbling atmosphere in this otherwise peaceful place. On the other side of the island is situated the smaller but lively town of Komiža. The inhabitants of this small harbour, above which is a fortified monastery, were famous fishermen and sailors. They made their name all over the world through their famous small boats „falkuša,“ built to withstand the worst sea conditions. Located in a 16th century fortress, which served in the defence against the Turks, is the Fishing museum where you can discover interesting stories about the existence of fishermen in the their traditional fishing route between Komiža and Palagruža. From Komiža it is possible to visit by boat the neighbouring island of Biševo with its amazing Blue cave, and those with a more adventurous spirit, the island of Vis offers enough excitement. On the island is located a large number of hamlets, hidden caves, heavenly bays, military tunnels and shelters, but also unexploded bombs and mines, because of which you must be careful and be well informed before going into the unknown.